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Learn about the makers of your soap.

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  • Handmade

How it started…

One day a wife named Bella was looking for a hobby. That’s all folks!

Well, not quite.

She came across soapmaking, tried her hand at it and quickly became addicted. It was a brilliant hobby really because soap is useful especially when you have dry itchy skin and you’re married to someone with a … mild… form of OCD in the handwashing department giving himself dry flaky skin and all.

Also as they say “practice makes perfect” so said wife did just that, practice.

It really appealed to her artsy side this soapmaking. A side she hadn’t seen since she was a young whipper snapper, so it made her feel even younger at heart. She felt better overall, her skin too felt better, her hubby’s skin also felt better (and didn't need any moisturizing creams anymore).

So not long after she started her adventures somehow all the shelves at home were full of soap, the bathroom was full of soap, the locker at work was full of soap... strange this.

The house smelled fantastic mind you.

So she gave the excess away to family, friends, coworkers. All had the same feedback: we love them, you gotta sell them!


A little while later…

So the wife really enjoyed herself and really wanted… needed… required… definitely had to make more soap! Daily preferably. Especially after all that positive feedback.

So she roped in her husband Shane who, it turns out, enjoys (slightly more) the parts of business creation and upkeep the wife does not so much, at all, whatsoever really, a necessary evil if you ask me!

Anyway. He helped with the logo, the labels, the website, invoices, the backend programming of helpful things like a batch maker! Really most of what you see is his brainchild! And on top of that he even made some soap himself!

And liked it.

So when it was time to pick a name...

… guess who turned to me with this face of "I can't believe you even have to think about it" and said:

Bella Bella Super Smella

And there it was ladies and gents:

Super Smella Soaps