Old School Traditions

For centuries, beef tallow has been the cornerstone of soap making, and we're here to keep this wonderful tradition alive!

Conveniently sourced locally, our Traditional soaps feature beef tallow as a key ingredient among Coconut Oil, Castor and Canola oil. This not only ensures a robust, long lasting bar but also produces a luxurious rich lather that will make you feel like royalty in your own bathroom.

Treat your skin to a trip down memory lane - Shop now and rediscover the joys of the olden days!

Collection: A Timeless Classic

Step back in time with us as we honor the centuries-old practice of making soap from locally made and sourced animal fat! Tallow has been a cornerstone of soap production for generations, and at Super Smella Soaps, we're passionate about old school traditions.

Our Traditional handmade soaps are a homage to the past, with beef tallow as the central ingredient, it not only guarantees a sturdy, long-lasting bar but also indulges you in a luxuriously rich lather, perfect for treating even the most delicate dry skin to a soothing bathing experience in the comfort of your own bathroom.

A testament to quality and craftsmanship to be proud of.

Join us in celebrating a classic and pamper your sensitive skin with the moisturizing benefits of our tallow soaps.